Adoption Policy Resource Center

Change to Site Content

I am adjusting my role as adoption assistance advocate, writer and educator. Going forward, I intend to use blog postings as the major source of ongoing information about the Title IV-E Adoption Assistance program in Ohio. The blog postings will be designed to offer information on state and federal policy as well as practical guidance on such challenges as negotiation of adoption assistance agreements, going to mediation when negotiation breaks down and preparing for administrative state hearings when mediation breaks down. This blog is available at:

For information on adoption assistance programs in other states, I direct readers to three very affordable online courses on the web site All three courses focus on the federal Title IV-E Adoption Assistance programs. The first addresses Eligibility Issues, the second Negotiation and Determining the Amount of Adoption Assistance and the third, Hearings and Appeals.

The courses make numerous cross references and cite the usefulness of the North American Council on Adoptable Children's web site There are also links and references to other helpful information sources.

Please feel free to contact me with questions and problems related to eligibility for adoption assistance or negotiating the amount of adoption assistance. You can reach me at: As before, I will continue to offer policy information, applicable regulations, practical advice and suggestions on how to proceed. My intention is to serve as a resource to individual adoptive families so that they can effectively represent themselves.

Tim O'Hanlon